Oneness Life 

has been founded to bring oneness into the society, for us to connect beyond borders and cultures, and to live with less stress and more joy from within. We bring people closer to themselves, having them discover their inner strength by the practice of Himalayan yogic techniques. We will learn how to grow our own capacity to love, both towards ourselves, the people and the nature around us. 

For a better life and a better world.

The Founder

Aadinatha Swaroop is living his life as a monk in the mountains of Himalayas in India. He now teaches what he has found after 15 years of practice of these traditional techniques, from ancient India, which is simply designed to take us closer to ourself and to our inner peace and a deep contentment in everything we do. These techniques are for everyone, whether being a father, a mother, young or elder, a business man, an artist, happy or sad. we can start exactly from where we stand in this moment and get back our full energy, balance and an inner sense of space and understanding for our life situation.